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Frequently Asked Questions


How to install the SQUIDD Home?

Installer le squidd home

If this is your first use, take the SQUIDD Home out of its box when it has just arrived at your home. Download the application quickly with the help of the instructions then create an account in it. First, you will have to add SQUIDD Home to the group created on your SQUIDDY application: Press "add a squidd" then press the orange button on the product for 2 seconds, then give it a name (you can also add a logo to the product by clicking on the photo pictogram). Then press "next", then "initialize", the product should flash green-red. If you receive an activation SMS, then your product is operational. Just put it in the place you want to protect (check that the door, window, or other is properly closed) then press "new position" after clicking on the product on the "all my squidds" page. After flashing the orange LED, you receive an SMS and it's good you are now protected.

If the initialization is not done? (red code on product, error message, etc.)

Problèmes d'initialisation

Sometimes the first initialization of the product is not done correctly, when you press "initialize", the product ends up flashing in red, you do not receive an SMS and you have an error message. First of all, you must try to repeat this manipulation outdoors (street, garden, balcony, etc.), but before pressing "initialize", do not hesitate to press the product button for 2 seconds to reactivate its Bluetooth. . If it doesn't work there, check your network coverage here: If you are covered with LoraWan Indoor or Outdoor then it's good you can try again to initialize the product in several places outside, otherwise, your product will not work correctly in this place. 

If my product alerts me for no reason? (unwanted alerts)

Alertes intempestives

Like all alarms, SQUIDD Home can sometimes send alerts for no reason, but we have very effective solutions. First, you can switch your product to caravan/nomadic mode. To do this, go to the "all my squidds" page then press the chosen product, then press "detection mode", then press the caravan mode to activate it. Secondly, you can stick the supplied magnet to the right of the product about 2-3cm, then press "new position" ("all my squidds" page then click on the product). We are also implementing a feature using the product's accelerometer, this will be functional in the year 2022.

Can I move the SQUIDD Home?

Déplacer le produit

You can of course move it at any time. If you are not in "caravan" mode, you just have to use the "new position" button present by clicking on the product page "all my squidds" of the app. If you want to change the group product, you will have to remove it from the group, then reset and reinstall it.

How to reset your SQUIDD Home? (factory output)

Sortie usine

First check that group protection is disabled. Then send us a message on the chat at the bottom right of the site, and we will accompany you.

How to add a member to a group? (management and alerts)


To allow a friend/relative/neighbor to use a group, you need to give them permission to do so. To do this, go to the "all my squidds" page, click on the group icon (the round pictogram in the middle with the name of the group), then go to the member section, press the "+" then enter a mail.
Once the request has been sent, the user must create an account and then accept the invitation in the "notification" part of the group. Once accepted, he will see the group on his "home" page of the application, he can deactivate and activate it via bluetooth. However, this feature is not yet implemented on iOS, it will arrive in early 2022.

How do I deactivate the SQUIDD Home without battery on my phone?

Désactiver le squidd home sabsn téléphone

Thanks to the multifunction button of the SQUIDD Home, you can add a code.  This code will allow you to unlock your product even without phoning your product. You can also give this code to your children for example.

What is LoRaWan?


LoRaWan is a low-speed radio communication mode that allows you to use a minimum of energy resources while remaining connected 7/7 and 24/24.

How does the community part work?

Partie communautaire

Community features are divided into two parts. The first, priority contacts, is made up of your friends and family or neighbors. In the event of an intrusion at your home, these people are alerted and can help you by giving you information (via a group chat) or by calling the police if you are not there. The second part includes the SQUIDDERS (people with the application and a SQUIDDY account) around the alert. They can also help you as your priority contacts. Of course, everything is configurable in detail in the application.

What is Smart Shutdown?

Désactivation intelligente

This unique feature (which will arrive later in the year 2022) allows your smartphone via its Bluetooth to deactivate your group of SQUIDD Home without action on your part. This allows you to avoid thinking about it when you get home. To reactivate it when you leave, nothing could be simpler, either you activate it via its button or your application.

Where can I use the SQUIDD Home?

Installation SQUIDD Home

If you are in France and covered by the Orange LoRawan network you can use it in many places. House, shelters, chests, garages, caravans, lockers, doors, and windows…


Does he walk alone? What is product interconnection?

Yes, the SQUIDD Home works with total autonomy. It is designed for that.
But the most effective for optimal protection is to install them at all sensitive points and to create groups of SQUIDDS. You pilot the whole group through the SQUIDD Pilot chosen beforehand and only this one pays the subscription.


Is it a waterproof product?

Unfortunately, this version of the SQUIDD Home is not resistant to immersion or waterproof. If we see you need it, we will make a waterproof version. It still resists a water game being IP55.

What happens if SQUIDD Home detects a gale and not an intrusion?


If the movement remains light, it will not detect alerts. Your contacts and friends will not be bothered by that.

How do I allow my family or certain people to deactivate the alarm?

Via the priority contact manager, you authorize certain contacts to unlock your SQUIDD Home groups.

Autorisation ouverture

How to change the battery of the product? Does it warn me of a low battery?

Changement pile

To change the battery, open it with the right screwdriver and simply change it after buying it from our shop. And yes it warns you.

If I have no network on my phone, how can I be alerted?

Pas de réseau téléphone

In case of intrusion, your friends and families are also notified. They will call you if they don't see you connected on the group chat. They can also help you without you.

Can certain alarm parameters be adjusted? Like the siren or its duration?

Réglage sirène

The power of the siren is not adjustable, it will always be on full to better protect you. On the other hand, we seek to give you more choices and options on the application, which will happen during 2022.

Is SQUIDD Home still active?

Activité SQUIDD

As long as it has a battery is in its cell and the Lorawan network, the SQUIDD Home is permanently connected to you.


What happens if I forget to close a window equipped with SQUIDD Home before leaving?

Oubli fenêtre

The SQUIDD Home will warn you that it is activated in the wrong position and will ask you to close the door securely

Cellar and garage

How can the system be connected underground?


Thanks to LoRaWan, SQUIDD Home remains connected up to level -2 on certain configurations. Most of the time, the one installed in your garage will need to be connected to a group with a maximum of 3 floors above.

How to install it without problems on a cellar?

Installation garage

If your garage is outdoors or at -1, try to initialize the product outdoors, then move it to the garage door. Check that the door is closed, then press "new position" on the product page accessible via "all my squidds" by clicking on the logo of the initialized product. If you receive an SMS then everything is working fine.

If you are at -2 or the product does not send you an SMS at -1 then you will need a second one. Install the first one on your apartment door or in your mailbox (3 floors of maximum differences), then install another in the same group but on your garage door. It should use the former as a relay to send you alerts.

How do I install it without 3G on my phone?

installation sans 3G

A special "basements" function is available on the application, you just have to follow the instructions during installation.

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