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Restez connecté à la sécurité avec l'application SQUIDDY 
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Our control application offers you a comprehensive solution to manage and monitor your SQUIDDY products.

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can easily stay connected and have full control over your security.

Receive real-time alerts directly on your smartphone then the alarm is triggered, allowing you to react quickly in case of an incident. You have the option to arm and disarm your alarm system using bluetooth, providing flexibility according to your needs.

Our application also grants you access to the activity history, giving you complete visibility of past events. You can review alarm triggers, intrusion attempts and product activations/desactivations.

With our application, managing your security is simplified and accessible wherever you are. Stay in control ans safe with our convenient and efficient solution for monitoring your most valuable assets.

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Control Center

Our application is specially designed to offer complete and convenient control from the control center. You can perform a range of important actions to ensure your security and efficient management of your connected devices.

  • Arm and disarm the alarm 

  • Add new devices

  • Trigger SOS alarms manually : In case of an emergency or critical situation, you have the option to manually trigger an alarm via the application

Découvrez notre collection de tutoriels vidéos dynamiques et faciles à suivre conçus pour vous accompagner tout au long de l'installation, de la configuration et des réglages supplémentaires de vos nouveaux appareils. Notre objectif est de rendre le processus aussi simple et pratique que possible, vous permettant de profiter pleinement de vos produits dès le début.


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